First week of march is looking.... ok?

Hey Guys,

So this post is an update on the first week of march- whoo hoo! Okay, not so whoo hoo. Im actually sick with a stupid cold due to the NYC weather (thanks, mother nature). Im currently sitting at my desk at BRIC, breathing through my mouth like a damn idiot, all because I felt bad calling out last minute. I just need to get through this last hour or so and I'm home free to sleep till Monday! 

Enough about that, on to the Art News!

As some of you may know, I decided to start an email campaign in which i send out weekly email blasts to my subscribers. This seems like an awesome thing to do and a great way for me to reach out you you guys individually to let you know, WHATS UP. To make matters easier, you can click through the email directly to get to the site. Im all about helping others. 

Today, I've sent out a few gallery submissions. Fingers crossed that I get accepted. If I do, I will post the details at a later date. So, please keep your fingers crossed for me!