Traci Molloy Print Workshop @ LIU

Yesterday, I had the great oportunity to meet with Traci Molloy over at LIU for her Print workshop. During the Workshop, she explained her background and her art making process. After she gave us a pretty thorough introduction to her work, she lead a demo in which she showed everyone how to create a monoprint. As excited as i was about the prospect of seeing her work in person, I am sad to say that I had to skip out on the demo due to work responsibilities. BUMMER! Traci is a wonderful person with the most beautiful soul I have ever seen. I admire her as an artist and i am a huge fan of her noted activism in the education and art worlds. I look up to her, and I really hope that I am able to sit in and participate in any future demos. Hopefully its soon, but fingers crossed!

Here are some photos of the event: