Aaaaand Im back.

Hey everyone!

Sorry that Ive been MIA these past few weeks, but Ive been super super busy! From helping my dad get settled into his new apartment to working, to finding time to create art, its been really exhausting. Its plenty of other things as well, but heres a quick rundown:

1. Dad is moving into a newly purchased condo unit, and wait for it, so am I! Very new territory that is being approached here, so Ive been all over the place, literally and figuratively. 

2. I will be submitting a new piece of art to BRIC's Open (C)all Exhibition! They've finally decided to give everyone on their registry a chance to showcase something in their awesome gallery space. Im really excited to finish something im working on and have it chosen. More details on this coming soon.

3. My job is still crap, but Ive decided (with ALOT of persuasion from my aunt) to take a break from job hunting to start applying to a few MFA programs. Ideally, I would prefer a low residency one, but if needed I will be content to study part time. Not sure I can do another 2yrs of full time study. 

This is all the info I can post for now, but be sure to check back over the next few weeks as more details emerge. Catch ya later!