Great News!

Hey Everyone!

So a few things happened:

1. I was officially accepted into the BRIC Open (C)all Exhibition that I mentioned last month. Sweet, Huh?! The piece that will be on display is "Court Jester, Surely you jest". The Opening reception will be Wednesday, Jan. 14th from 7-9pm, With the show running through to Feb. 8th. For address and directions, please see the link above. I hope to see you there!

2. While i was able to get my work into BRIC's open call, I was unfortunately unable to get another piece into Smack Mellon's Show. Ive been busy with Artist block and I ended up missing the deadline :( While my piece may not be involved in the actual exhibition, I am on the verge of finally completing it. (See Below) It was inspired by all the tragic events that have been brought to light these past few months in regards to the police and communities. While I try to avoid doing pieces of this nature, I felt compelled to respond. I am well aware that art doesnt make change happen, however It is my hope that people will continue to pay attention and take notice to the things that are happening in our own back yard. 

Stay on the lookout for an update to my work gallery- I PROMISE it will happen within the next few days. Ive got it put in my calendar in all caps (maybe that'll work?) Anyhow, Until next time folks!