Musings and such

Last week Friday, I had a bright idea to visit Blick for some art supplies. Every time I do this, I end up spending money that I don't really have. Anyway, I picked up a few things: 1 12x12in board, paper, brush case, new pencils, etc. When I got home, I had every intention of creating something new. What happened instead, was better.

As I was looking at my new found materials (oh! The pretty paper!) I realized that I can do something better than create a random piece of art. I can create mini collages of scenes from memory! I am beyond excited to start sketching out details and the blueprints. Its been awhile since I've had this kind of instant inspiration. Another thing to note is that this idea falls perfectly in line with what Ive been writing in my artist statement. Believe it or not, those statements are REALLY hard to make. To narrow what you do to a single page is incredibly hard when you have an interest in practically everything. 

So wish me luck world, Im going after this idea as if it were my last one ever!