End of Month Update

Hello There!

First off, I know I've done pretty horrible at updating this blog, but I promise I will get better at this. With that said, QUITE a few things have happened since I last checked in. IM ENGAGED! I am proud to announce that the love of my life, my other half, finally proposed :-) We are beyond excited to start this new chapter of ours!

Im getting Married!! <3 

Im getting Married!! <3 

Any who, on to the next order of news. Ive been making progress on some pieces. I actually stopped by LIU a few days ago and found a little gem that got lost in the dark spaces of my old locker: Introducing, "Cecelia" (Working title)

She's smiling, but I'm sure she's pissed that I forgot about her!

She's smiling, but I'm sure she's pissed that I forgot about her!

Other pieces I'm working on include "At Mothers request", and "Inner Calm" (both working titles, no worries). You can check out the progress shots below. Ive been trying my hardest to give my art career a fighting chance. Ive even went so far as to quit a job that cut into my studio time. Im fully convinced that this will be the year that will rival all others. Stay on the lookout for updates and store/ portfolio additions within the upcoming weeks. As always, stay alive, my friends.



Two prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the exhibition:

  • Best In Show – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by BRIC’s Contemporary Art team. Artist will be awarded$300 and have a solo exhibition of their work at BRIC Houseduring summer 2015.
  • Viewer’s Choice – Prize will go to one artwork of exceptional merit, selected by the public. Artist will be awarded $100 and a profile of their practice on the BRIC Blog. 
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Great News!

Hey Everyone!

So a few things happened:

1. I was officially accepted into the BRIC Open (C)all Exhibition that I mentioned last month. Sweet, Huh?! The piece that will be on display is "Court Jester, Surely you jest". The Opening reception will be Wednesday, Jan. 14th from 7-9pm, With the show running through to Feb. 8th. For address and directions, please see the link above. I hope to see you there!

2. While i was able to get my work into BRIC's open call, I was unfortunately unable to get another piece into Smack Mellon's Show. Ive been busy with Artist block and I ended up missing the deadline :( While my piece may not be involved in the actual exhibition, I am on the verge of finally completing it. (See Below) It was inspired by all the tragic events that have been brought to light these past few months in regards to the police and communities. While I try to avoid doing pieces of this nature, I felt compelled to respond. I am well aware that art doesnt make change happen, however It is my hope that people will continue to pay attention and take notice to the things that are happening in our own back yard. 

Stay on the lookout for an update to my work gallery- I PROMISE it will happen within the next few days. Ive got it put in my calendar in all caps (maybe that'll work?) Anyhow, Until next time folks!


Aaaaand Im back.

Hey everyone!

Sorry that Ive been MIA these past few weeks, but Ive been super super busy! From helping my dad get settled into his new apartment to working, to finding time to create art, its been really exhausting. Its plenty of other things as well, but heres a quick rundown:

1. Dad is moving into a newly purchased condo unit, and wait for it, so am I! Very new territory that is being approached here, so Ive been all over the place, literally and figuratively. 

2. I will be submitting a new piece of art to BRIC's Open (C)all Exhibition! They've finally decided to give everyone on their registry a chance to showcase something in their awesome gallery space. Im really excited to finish something im working on and have it chosen. More details on this coming soon.

3. My job is still crap, but Ive decided (with ALOT of persuasion from my aunt) to take a break from job hunting to start applying to a few MFA programs. Ideally, I would prefer a low residency one, but if needed I will be content to study part time. Not sure I can do another 2yrs of full time study. 

This is all the info I can post for now, but be sure to check back over the next few weeks as more details emerge. Catch ya later!